Jeffrey Sachs:”Serbia stuck between Russia and the West because of the war”

One of the world’s renowned economists and analysts, Jeffrey Sachs, said that Serbia was in a difficult position due to the conflict between the USA and Europe with Russia over Ukraine and that in the event of reaching an agreement and ending that war, Serbia could be a bridge in renewed relations between the European Union and Russia.

Jeffrey Sachs joined the participants of the Kopaonik Business Forum via a video link and during his address, he also said that Serbia could benefit greatly if an agreement were reached and the war in Ukraine would be stopped.

“For a country like Serbia, this would be the best possible solution, because Serbia is once again caught between East and West, due to its geographical position, but also culturally and in terms of its foreign policy,” Sachs noted.

He also stated that the interruption of normal relations between Russia and the EU has hit Serbia hard and added:”Certainly, in that case, Serbia could be a financial, logistical and industrial bridge between Russia and Europe, between renewed economic relations between the East and the West,” said Sachs.

He also says that Serbia could benefit greatly if America abandoned its anti-Chinese policy and went on to say that “the fact that Europe has to follow the US and has deeply damaged its ties with China is another big mistake that Europe has made.”

Sachs also said that America has misunderstood everything – from Afghanistan and Iraq to Syria, Libya and Ukraine – and that the so-called neoconservative war proved to be a complete failure. He added that those wars cost the US seven trillion dollars in debt and that again they did nothing for America.

When asked how he sees the position of Germany, which is Serbia’s main external trade partner, in all this, Sachs replied that the war in Ukraine has affected the industrial sector in Germany more than in other countries. “Many European economies lived on cheap Russian gas, but the political and economic rapprochement of Germany and Russia was not what suited them”, he stated.

Sachs added that Germany should have led the automotive industry’s transition to electric vehicles and smart electronics on wheels, but that was prevented by the war in Ukraine.

“The German industry is going through a very difficult time, while China has become the world leader in the production of electric vehicles. Germany could be a worthy competitor to China, but that requires a completely different situation, that is not to be disturbed by a war”, Sachs said.

(Alo, 06.03.2024)

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