Janković:”There is a real chance of opposition winning election in Belgrade”

Vladeta Janković, a member of the Serbian Parliament, assessed that there is a real chance that the opposition – by which he means “democratic Serbia” – will “win Belgrade election” and thus “stop very dangerous and potentially extremely destructive endeavours” of the current government.

Janković, speaking for Nova TV, assessed that it is quite obvious that the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is “shaken” and that it is “in a panic mode”.

Asked about the coalition of the SNS and the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) in the local and city elections, he replied that the SNS “will pay a heavy price by taking on Vojislav Šešelj (the head of the Radicals) as a coalition partner.”

“In Belgrade, SRS could win between 10,000 and 15,000 votes (SRS). Considering that every vote is important to the SNS, they (SNS) are willing to put up with Šešelj but I believe they will pay a high price for that,” Janković adds.

Janković also believes that SNS is planning a “migration of voters” in other parts of Serbia.

“Why were elections scheduled in only selected municipalities and not in others? It is clear that an organized planned migration of voters from municipalities where there are no elections to municipalities where there are elections is being prepared,” he said.

To remind, the day before yesterday, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic set December 17 as the date for the early parliamentary election, which will be the third elections in Serbia in nearly four years. Local elections will also be held on the same day in several municipalities, including Belgrade, the capital.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Centre for Research, Transparency and Responsibility (CRTA), 41 percent of the Serbian electorate would vote for a coalition made up of political parties gathered around Serbia against Violence protests, while 49 percent would vote for a coalition led by Aleksandar Vučić. 10 percent of the electorate would vote for the right-wing opposition bloc – Dveri, Zavetnici, New DSS and POKS.

(N1, 03.11.2023)


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