Jankovic: Serbia needs Beli

Presidential candidate Sasa Jankovic says that Serbia is currently experiencing “election fraud”, and underlined that by election he doesn’t mean only voting and counting votes.

“The government was too late in inviting foreign monitoring institutions to supervise the election which just goes to prove that there will be attempts at cheating at the presidential election on 2nd April”, Jankovic said at a press conference.

“The state resources that are being used, the media censorship that is going on – these are all elements of election too”, he added.

“On my way to Subotica, I saw government cars going in the direction of Novi Sad, to attend the meeting of support to Aleksandar Vucic who, despite still being the prime minister, is also running for president because that is formally the only position that he hasn’t managed to grab for himself yet”, Jankovic goes on to say.

According to Jankovic, every attempt of those in power to negate the electorate’s will, and every attempt of forcing or blackmailing the electorate into voting for the current authorities will be penalized.

“The authorities should not be scared of me or the opposition, but of the institutions and laws of Serbia that are equally applicable to all Serbian citizens, especially those in power”, Jankovic says.

Asked to comment on other presidential candidate, Luka Maksimovic (a.k.a. Ljubisa Preletacevic Beli), Jankovic said that he was “a great young man” who was demonstrating “all the absurdity of the system, the senselessness that we got ourselves in, and the alienation of the state and the political parties in an extraordinary way”. Jankovic went on to say that that was exactly what Serbia needed.

He then commented on the media campaign against him and said that, following the assassination of prime minister Zoran Djindjic, Serbia had lost its compass towards European and better future, and went astray.

“What we are trying to do now is to return Serbia from this detour that leads to nowhere, apart from total ruin”, he says and adds that he is not bothered about the media attacks on him because they just portray the gist of the problem that this country is experiencing. Later he also said that “Vucic now understands that he will lose if he goes into second election round”.

(Blic, 18.03.2017)


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