Jankovic forms Movement of Free Citizens of Serbia

The Movement of Free Citizens of Serbia was founded in Belgrade on Sunday, and the former ombudsman and presidential candidate, Sasa Jankovic was appointed its president.

Aida Corovic, Srdjan Skoro, Goran Markovic and Dusan Teodorovic were also appointed members fo the Movement’s Presidency.

The official establishment of this movement was also attended by film director Zdravko Sotra, musicians Vasil Hadzimanovi and Vlado Georgiev, actor Nikola Djuricko and a few other artistis, as well as 62 founders.

Following his appointment as the Movement’s president, Sasa Jankovic said that the movement was a political organization which goal was to have the people of Serbia smiling again, and that the movement would work on improving ‘the health’ of the country and the society on the whole.

„Тhat is the reason why we have formed this movement – to heal our deeply divided socity, to heal our institutions and the state that has to guarantees us equality, fairness and justice, namely everything that we put down as our goals, and there are many of them“, Jankovic said.

When asked about possible cooperation with other political organizations, Jankovic said, at a press conference, that it was up to the Movement’t Presidency to decide about that, and added that the Movement would cooperation only with those political organizations with which it shared the same values and goals, and not with those that were willing to cooperate with the current authorities, either publicly or furtively.

Jankovic went on to say that there were two political options in Serbia – one assembled around Aleksandar Vucic, and the other one, the democratic one, that wanted Serbia to be free of fear, pressure, blackmailing, and crime, and that would be assembled around the Movement of the Free Citizens of Serbia.

“We expect the Movement to be the meeting point of all democratic forces”, Jankovic added.

He further went on to say that it was up to the Movement’s Presidency to decide about the participation in the upcoming local election in Belgrade.

(Politika, 21.05.2017)



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