Janjic:”Serbia is paying Grenell $100,000 a month for lobbying”

Political analyst Dusan Janjic said that Serbia has been paying former US envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, $100,000 a month to carry out lobbying activities, a Kosovo portal reports. Grenell, who was appointed special envoy by former US President Donald Trump, denies the allegations.

“We pay Grenell $100,000 a month, and I don’t know why since his boss is no longer in power,” Janjic said. The US President’s former special envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, however, denied the allegations, adding that the government of Serbia “does not pay him a penny”.

Secretary of State at the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nemanja Starović, denied Dušan Janjić’s claim that the Government of Serbia pays Richard Grenell for lobbying activities, considering it “a crazy idea”.

“Nobody from Serbia pays Grenell $100,000 a month. Such a crazy idea can only arise when the tendency towards idealisation coincides with latent megalomania. We are already used to our country being trivialised our country,” Starovic said in a Twitter post.

(Danas, RTV, 08.11.2021)

https://www.danas.rs/vesti/politika/srbija-placa-grenelu-100-000-dolara-mesecno/  https://rtv.rs/sr_lat/politika/grenel-demantovao-da-ga-vlada-srbije-placa-za-lobiranje_1287038.html

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