Janevski revives beer production in BIP

Macedonian businessman Svetozar Janevski has confirmed that he leased the premises of the Belgrade Beer Industry Company (BIP), which had been bankrupt for some time now, and that he planned on building a new brewery in a different location that would cost 25 million EUR.

Janevski plans to re-launch beer production in BIP’s old premises until the new brewery is built, and, by doing so, preserve BIP’s brand and tradition.

“The current production system in BIP is obsolete and completely devastated. It was built in the 1970s. We are going to revitalize what we need in order for the brewery to work until we build a new one”, Janevski explained.

The lease of BIP will cost around 900,000 EUR annually, and the construction of the new brewery will start when Janevski and the Serbian government reach an agreement about the location for the new brewery.

The lease will probably last for two or three years which is how long it will take to build the new brewery. In the beginning, the brewery will have around 100 employees and these will be mostly old BIP’s workers. Also, once the business develops, new jobs will be created. “We are here to stay”, Janevski says.

Janevski is known in Macedonia for bringing the world-renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken and McDonald’s to the country in the early 1990s. He is also the founder of the M-6 investment fund and the majority shareholder in the famous Tikveš Winery from Kavadarci.

The Serbian government is the majority owner of BIP with a 51.9% stake, while the rest of the shares belong to small shareholders.

(N1, 28.04.2017)




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