James Hooper:”Merkel blocks agreement between Vucic and Thaci”

Serbian and Kosovar presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci respectively reached an agreement which Germany rejected while French President Emmanuel Macron is now on a scouting mission to determine the possibility of renewing the Serbia-Kosovo normalization dialogue, the experienced Balkan affairs expert, James Hooper told Voice of America.

“Something incredible happened – the Serb and Kosovo leaders have achieved a conceptual solution regarding demarcation, which would include a relatively small exchange of territory – and that was unacceptable to the Europeans,” Hooper said.

He also said he found it unbelievable that the agreement was rejected without offering an alternative solution.

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“Then the German Chancellor told Macron to see if there was a way to replace the rejected agreement with some sort of a process which would lead to a new agreement,” he noted.

The American expert added that Germany had de facto coordinated the situation with the Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj who “blocked the agreement in Kosovo playing the nationalist card,” while “Chancellor Merkel blocked the agreement at the EU level, at the recent Western Balkan Summit in Berlin.”

“She held a pretty gruelling meeting with Aleksandar Vucic and I think that was the end of that agreement which Thaci and Vucic invested so much effort in. I am convinced that the agreement, which would significantly expedite Serbia’s path to EU, was reached, just as I am convinced that Kosovo would get the UN’s recognition,” Hooper concluded.

The failure in Berlin means a possible end to achieving a comprehensive agreement in principle, Hooper believes. He also argues that there is no alternative to a comprehensive agreement, which by its nature, requires a territorial adjustment, which Merkel rejects as part of the solution, Voice of America reports.

(N1, 13.07.2019)




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