Jagodina Brewery sold for only 50 million dinars

The Board of Creditors of Jagodinska Pivara (Jagodina Brewery), in bankruptcy, has accepted the offer of 50 million dinars, and the company will be sold to the Jagodina-based trade firm X-TRADE DOO, the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency announced.

The X-TRADE Company was the only one to send a bid for the purchase of the brewery, but since their offered price was below 50% of the value of the brewery’s assets that were evaluated on February 18th, the sale required consent from the Board of Creditors of Jagodinska Pivara.

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Director of X-TRADE is Nevenka Mijalovic, but she owns only 9.69 per cent of this company. 38.19% of the company is owned by Vlantimir Stoginovits from Greece, and the majority share of 52.12% belongs to Nebojsa Mihajlovic.

The assets of Jagodinska Pivara were evaluated at 711 million dinars. The brewery’s most important parts are the business complex in Jagodina, consisting of 41 facilities and warehouses in Nis, Krusevac and Pozarevac.

(Vecernje Novosti, 11.03.2019)


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