It’s International Women’s Day – Women in Serbia still discriminated against in all areas of life

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, marked on 8th March worldwide, Fondacija Centar za Demokratiju (The Centre for Democracy Foundation) highlights „the inequalities, discrimination and violence to which women in Serbia are exposed”, stating that “women in Serbia are discriminated against in all areas”.

The Foundation’s press release says that numerous reports of national and international institutions and organizations also confirm this situation. Referring to data from the latest Gender Equality Index in Serbia for 2021, it states that if Serbia continues at this rate, it will take 59 years for women to achieve full gender equality.

“With a Gender Equality Index of 58.0, Serbia is 9.4 points behind the EU average. The largest gap between the EU-27 and Serbia is noticed in finances (21.9) and time (16.2). Women’s earnings are lower than men’s for all levels of education, for all occupations and in almost all economic sectors,” the press release adds.

The Foundation also says that women’s economic empowerment is “the basis for achieving gender equality, and is needed for sustainable development and the achievement of the goals set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda,” and that more efforts are needed to raise awareness about gender stereotypes.

(Politika, 07.03.2022)

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