Italy’s Verdi opens a footwear factory near Ub

The Italian footwear producer, Verdi Fashion International has officially opened a production facility in Paljuvi, near the town of Ub, worth around EUR 1.5 million, which employs 70 workers.

The company’s business plans envisage jobs for 200 employees at the facility by the end of the year.

The facility in Paljuvi is the first investment in the newly established industrial zone Stublenica-Ub, where Verdi has bought 20 hectares of land, of which one hectare is taken up by the 2,700-square-metre factory. The production facility currently features a tailoring room and one and a half sewing lines, whereas the remaining half of the second sewing line and two assembly lines will be put into operation this autumn.

The local self-government has provided infrastructure for the factory’s location, connecting it to the town’s water supply network and providing a quality power connection.

Vladimir Mijatovic, the director of the Koceljeva-based factory Karina Moda, a member of the same group as Verdi, explained that the facility in Paljuvi would produce female leather footwear exclusively. 

“The project is designed to have three sewing lines, two assembly lines and a tailoring facility, which means that the factory should be creating new jobs for 200 workers by the end of the year. We will gradually be employing five to ten people a week and all the young people who want to work and those who have experience in this field are more than welcome. The factory’s operations will depend on the support from the local self-government and local population. We are currently producing winter leather footwear, which ends in September. Until the remaining machinery arrives, which we expect to happen in September or October, we will only be producing upper footwear sections here, whereas the assembly is done elsewhere”, Mijatovic said.

The first 70 workers had been trained at the sister-company Karina Moda, and as Kolubarske learns, employees in Paljuvi will be paid a salary of RSD 32,000.

CEO of Verdi Fashion International, Janusz Wisniewski, pointed out that the company had clothes factories in Italy, Romania and Albania, while the footwear produced in Paljuvi is mostly meant for renowned European and Russian companies, their main clients.

The president of the Municipality of Ub, Darko Glisic, who visited the facility in Paljuvi with the investors, said that he was satisfied with the fact that the factory had been built and opened in a very short time.

“This investment means a lot to us. We have managed, in the shortest time possible, to provide infrastructure for the location and a substation, which generates a sufficient amount of power. We have also provided a connection to the town’s water supply system. We are trying to be at service to the people who have set aside a considerable amount of money and to do everything we are obligated to in close cooperation with them”, Glisic said.

Industrial Zone Stublenica-Ub, located near the future Belgrade-South Adriatic motorway, has another 90 hectares of land available and, according to Glisic, there are several other companies that are interested in building their facilities here.

“When the motorway is constructed, I expect the interest in our business zone to increase, so we are slowly building infrastructure for other land plots here. We now have a good picture of what everything is supposed to look like and a good example of how an honest cooperation between the local self-government and the investor has lead to us building another industrial facility, to mutual satisfaction and benefit” – Glisic said and added that the local self-government was communicating with potential investors every day.

Hazelnut farm next to the factory

By the end of the year, a hazelnut farm will be established next to the footwear factory in Paljuvi. The Italians plan to plant hazelnut on 11 hectares of land, and the remaining 8 hectares, according to the owner of Verdi, are meant to be sold to potential investors.

(Kolubarske, 25.06.2018)

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