Italy’s Progetti building an industrial complex in Sombor

The Italian footwear company Progetti will build an industrial complex in the industrial area of Sombor.

An administrative building, five shoe manufacturing plants, a storage area, an auditorium, a nursery for the employee’s children, offices and two reception areas will be built on an area of 64,284 square metres, northwest of the industrial area.

The construction will be carried out by Šiping doo from Zemun on behalf of Progetti doo Vladimirci.

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The idea is for the complex to be gradually built, with seven consecutive circular structures, connected by a covered circular corridor and four supporting structures. According to the project, next to the administrative building, which will include the development centre, there will be a production and storage space.

Each of the mentioned facilities will have changing rooms for men and women with toilets and showers, as well as a space for relaxation and breaks.

An outpatient clinic and toilets are provided too, while the accompanying facilities also include an office building, a nursery for the children of employees and reception areas.

The complex will have a parking lot for vehicles and bicycles, as well as a space for loading and unloading. A fire escape road will surround the entire complex. The plan is also to fence off the entire complex with a transparent metal fence.

Progetti was founded in 2001 by the brothers Romano and Enrico Rossi, who had been working in the footwear sector for many years prior. The company’s main activity is the processing of semi-finished products (uppers) and finished footwear for the biggest fashion companies in the world such as Gucci and Prada.

Progetti already produces up to 75,000 pairs of shoes for Prada in its factory in Vrsac, from which the shoes are distributed worldwide under the label “Made in Serbia”.

Progetti currently employs about 1,000 people in its facilities located in Sombor, Vrsac and Vladimirci.

(eKapija, 01.02.2020)


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