Italy’s Parilab expands its factory in Alibunar – 200 new jobs

Four years ago, the Italian company, Parilab opened a small footwear production facility in the town of Alibunar in Vojvodina. To this date, the company has employed 400 workers and is now planning to extend its production here.

The Alibunar factory produces around 2,000 pairs of winter footwear and sneakers for extreme sports each day. The employees produce upper footwear components on five production lines. The products are then sent to Italy where the soles are fitted.

“This job requires a lot of hard work in order for us to survive in the market”, points out clothing engineer Maja Aleksic.

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All the raw materials are sent from Italy, and the footwear produced in Alibunar has to meet high quality standards. The biggest sales are realized in the USA, Canada and China.

“I am glad that we have managed to educate and train a large number of people. It was hard, but the result is that today this is a large and successful factory”, says the director of Parilab, Jon Magda.

In addition to the existing factory, the company will start constructing another production facility, spanning 1,200 square metres in the spring. It will produce whole pieces of Italian footwear.

The plan is to employ another 200 workers by the end of the year. They will be trained in Romania and Italy.

(RTS, 29.01.2019)


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