Italy’s Geox plans to train high school students in Vranje

The Italian footwear producer, Geox could soon start training high school students in the southern Serbian city of Vranje in shoemaking.

Over two years ago, Geox opened a production plant in Vranje, which now employs 1,200 workers who manufacture footwear for company’s clients in New York, Paris, London and other cities around the world.

The work practice in Geox, in line with the dual education principles, was one of the topics of the meeting of the President of Geox, Mario Moretti Polegatto and the mayor of Vranje, Slobodan Milenkovic. Polegatto suggested to the Mayor that Geox could take in students to train them how to make shoes from this popular brand of “shoes that breathe”.

This is, by the way, the official slogan of the Italian company, which was inspired by the technology that allowed the rubber soles to let the air through, while retaining the water, thus helping the foot to “breathe more easily.”

As the demand for Geox’s footwear grew, so did the production, with the company now having factories in Florence, Milan and Venice, as well as in Vranje. “Our production is growing so much that we are forced to produce outside Italy. We chose to manufacture in Serbia because it is close to Italy and our administrative offices, “says Polegatto.

He added the company “started from scratch” in Vranje. “Today we are pleased with the shoes produced here. We have been working hard over the past two years so that workers can produce quality shoes, because Geox is a brand associated with high quality,” Polegatto added.

“Geox sells its footwear in 115 countries in a total of 1,150 stores located in the fashionable streets and shopping malls of the world’s largest cities from New York, Toronto,  and Paris to London, Rome, Milan, Tokyo, Sydney, Shanghai …” , says the company’s owner.

He also went on to say that the company plans to expand the existing capacities in Vranje, but that it will depend on the global demand. 

Geox produces 20 million pairs of shoes for men, women and children annually.

(Nova Ekonomija, 29.06.2018)


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