Italy’s Fulgar acquires Pompea’s factory in Zrenjanin

The Fulgar Company, an international leader in the production of innovative artificial yarns, has acquired Pompea, a well-positioned legwear and underwear brand.

Both brands operate successfully in Zrenjanin, where they have facilities in the industrial zones.

“This is a fully Italian operation, as the seat of Fulgar, which has a turnover of over EUR 200 million, is located in Castel Goffredo, in the heart of the legwear manufacturing region. Fulgar is recognized as the largest manufacturer of the super-quality 6.6 nylon and is the European distributor of the LYCRA brand. It is one of the first companies in the textile sector to start taking sustainable development into consideration. For over ten years, Fulgar has been implementing an all-encompassing “green programme”, while constantly increasing its portfolio of environmentally friendly products. On the other hand, Pompea is a well-known brand and a large production concern in the Province of Mantua. With an annual turnover of EUR 70 million, it owns and manages the direct distribution of the Roberta women’s underwear brand,” Fulgar says in an official press release.

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“The acquisition is part of the project which aims to help the re-establishment of the central role and leadership in the region where legwear is manufactured, in the European market of legwear and underwear. This way, in part, the recognizable Italian character of the brand is protected. We believe that this operation will benefit the entire region. We will work on maintaining our market share,” says Fulgar CEO Attilia Casnici, as reported by the website.

Pompea has made a statement as well.

“In the past months, several Asian investors and international funds were interested in making an acquisition. My family and I have deep roots in this region and we are delighted that Pompea remains Italian. We have thereby saved the future of the brand and our employees’ jobs,” says Alessandro Rodella, the owner of Pompea.

Fulgar, an international leader in the synthetic yarn market

Fulgar’s press release says that the company is an international leader in the market of synthetic yarn. It was launched in the late 1970s at Castel Goffredo, Mantua.

Fulgar is the exclusive distributor of the Lycra® Fibre, Lycra T400® and Elaspan® Fiber brands in Europe and Turkey. In 2012, the company formed a partnership with the Solvay Group to become the exclusive distributor and producer of Eman® fibres, mainly for Europe, North America and the Middle East.

(, 29.01.2020)


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