Italy’s Euroin to open a new factory in Kula

The Italian footwear manufacturer, Euroin, which opened a production facility in Kula in 2018, is planning to expand its production capacities in that municipality.

According to Vladan Krtolica, the head of the production facility in Kula, around RSD 210 million will be invested in the construction of a new plant, which is supposed to start soon, and half the amount was provided by the Development Fund.

“The new production facility, which is, in fact, the continuation of our investment in Kula, which will be built in three phases, will have a production area spanning 2,600 square metres. The plan is for the second of a total of three production facilities we plan to have in Kula to be completed in six months. We have already hired ten workers, and the plan is to employ a total of 80 at the new facility,” Krtolica says for eKapija.  

Krtolica reminds that, in addition to Kula, Euroin, which produces upper footwear parts for the Italian company Marco Shoes, also has facilities in Ugrinovci, Kosjeric and Feketic.

“We are going to hire more workers at these factories too and restore our operations to the pre-pandemic level,” Vladan Krtolica reveals.

(eKapija, 28.07.2021)



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