Italy’s Comef wants to generate energy from waste in Serbia

The Italian company Comef has presented facilities with a complex technology for turning waste into energy to the heads of the local governments in Vrnjacka Banja, Kraljevo and Trstenik.

This technology could be used in the future regional waste treatment facility which would be used in all three towns.

The Italian company designs, builds and assembles systems for the production of energy from renewable sources, which aim to reduce the consumption and emission of harmful gases and limit the negative environmental impact, while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. The facilities transform waste into heating and electrical energy.

“The implementation of this regional project, which would permanently solve the issue of the disposal of municipal waste and generate additional kilowatts of electricity or central heating/cooling systems for civil and industrial heating, would be preceded by an analysis of the structure and the quantity of the waste that is being disposed, as well as a state guarantee”, the press release states.

The construction of the facility would last two years.

(eKapija, 19.01.2024)

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