Italy’s Ariston to open a factory in Niš

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced on Tuesday that the Italian heating systems and boiler manufacturer Ariston would open a production plant in Niš and invest 75 million euros in it.

“Today we have good news to tell the people of Niš as well as entire Serbia. We have finished meetings with representatives of Ariston, one of the most powerful Italian heating systems and boiler manufacturers, which has built a small factory in Svilajnac and is now preparing a major investment in Niš,” Vučić said in a video posted on his Instagram account.

He said Ariston would invest 75 million euros in the plant and that that was just the beginning.

“We hope – as we discussed that with (Ariston chairman) Paolo Merloni today – that the company will also open an R&D centre too and they will have employed over 300 workers by 2025”, the Serbian President added.

The company produces household appliances and is owned by Ariston Holding NV, Netherlands, which operates under Ariston Group, a global leader in the production of products for the heating of water and spaces, components and boilers, with ninety years of tradition.

The company has facilities for the production of heating components in Italy, France, Germany, China, Russia and Vietnam and in 2022, it generated a consolidated income of over EUR 190 million, employing around 10,000 workers. Ariston’s products are sold under the global brands of Ariston, ELCO and Wolf, mostly in EU countries.

(, 01.11.2023)

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