Italy to withdraw its decision on recognizing Kosovo’s independence?

Head of the Italian political party the League, Matteo Salvini will return to power in Italy and, when this happens, will reconsider Italy’s decision to recognize the state of Kosovo, said one of the top officials from this party and a member of the Italian Parliament, Vito Comencini.

“Certainly Kosovo is also a big problem for the whole of Europe – there is a lot of drug trafficking, trafficking in human organs, the presence of Islamic terrorists and returnees. Our position is to support Serbia in all possible ways. And yes, we will certainly re-examine the decision to recognize Kosovo”, Comencini said for Srpski Telegraf.

Comencini, one of the closest collaborators of Salvini, currently the most popular politician in Italy, also said he was sure that Serbia was meeting all the necessary requirements for EU membership and that the EU was in crisis and that it absolutely had to change.

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He said that sanctions against Russia were the wrong solution and that many Italian companies have suffered for this. Comencini added that he supports cooperation between Serbia and Russia because it could be a bridge between the EU and the Eurasian Union.

He added that he had great respect for the policy of President Aleksandar Vucic and that Serbia’s economic growth had been impressive.

Comencini, who attended the assembly of the Serbian People’s Party in Belgrade last weekend, said that the cooperation between the two parties dates back a year.

“I am pleased that we share the same principles, namely: defending the structure of the natural family, the attitude towards migrants, preserving the European way of life and responding to the demographic crisis,” said the Italian politician.

He also said that the League hopes for Trump to win the next election to the United States, precisely because they share the same values.

(RTV, 10.12.2019)


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