Italian taste in Belgrade from 14th to 20th November

The press conference that presented the VII edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine, which will be held all over the world from 14th to 20th November, was held at the Italian Embassy in Belgrade today. The main theme of this year’s Week of Italian Cuisine is: “Conviviality, sustainability and innovation: the ingredients of Italian cuisine for people’s health and the protection of the planet”.

 “We recognized health, innovation and sustainability as three main synonyms of Italian cuisine”, highlighted Italian Ambassador to Serbia Luca Gori and added that “the aim is promoting the quality of Italian products as well as enhancing the values of the Italian sustainable and healthy lifestyle, having in mind that Italian cuisine is the leader in these fields worldwide”.

The director of the Italian Trade Agency in Belgrade Antonio Ventresca stressed that during the Italian Cuisine Week in Belgrade three seminars will be held about three excellencies of the Italian agrifood industry, such as parmesan, mozzarella and olive oil, having in mind that “to sell the product, you must know it very well at the first place”.

General Secretary of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce Mirjana Kojic stressed that the Week of Italian Cuisine is a great opportunity to promote Italian producers who are planning to place their products in the Serbian market, as well as the opportunity to get to know the market. On the other hand, the director of Confindustria Serbia Irena Brajović underlined that “it`s nice to be part of the world”, considering that Serbia is connected with “made in Italy”, and that contribution of Confindustria is visible through the e-platform which will additionally spread and enhance the “made in Italy” label.  

“Confindustria and Shoppster share the same goals – supporting innovation and everything that will improve consumers` experience”, said Ljiljana Ahmetović, the executive director of regional e-commerce company Shoppster and added that thanks to the collaboration between Confindustria and Shoppster, all Italian products will be available at one place.

Ambassador Gori stressed that programs and incentives which will take place during Italian Cuisine Week are very detailed and they will include educational courses with Italian chefs, but also the business-to-business type of commerce as well as collaboration with The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

“Both Italy and Serbia have done a lot to help children in need, in terms of finding new homes, social connections and development of skills of refugees”, underlined the UNHCR Deputy Representative in Serbia Stefanie Krause and announced Delicatessen Monday, an event which will take place in Kulturni Centar GRAD following Monday when students and refugees will have the opportunity to cook together with an Italian chef.

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