Italian Pasubio to invest in Sabac: 500 new jobs to be created

Italian company Pasubio will open a factory in Sabac that will produce leather seats for luxury cars and will create 500 jobs in the process. Pasubio works for Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, BMW and Bentley.

Pasubio has signed a contract with the Alliance One Tobacco Company stipulating the purchase of a production hall spanning 5,000 square metres.

Pasubio started out as a small family business, founded by the Pretto family in 1955. Today, the company is one of the key players on the leather processing market. So far, they have been producing only in Italy, and Sabac is their first foreign production location. This year, the company plans to create 200 new jobs in Sabac, and next year another 300.

The proprietor of Pasubio, Luca Pretto says that the production will start in June and that the company will mostly hire women that are trained in cutting and sewing leather. “We expect that the cooperation with the Sabac town authorities will continue to be good, without any administrative obstacles, and that we are going to launch the production within the set deadline. Our client list, which includes the likes of Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, BMW and Bentley, validates the fact that we are a serious company”, Luca Pretto added.

“We will continue to honour our pledge regarding new jobs”, says the mayor. “As you know, the Japanese company Yazaki has already arrived, and today we can officially announce that Pasubio will employ 500 people. Step by step, we are completely changing the business environment in our town. This is an important step as we have proved that we are a cost-effective business environment for serious European companies. Sabac holds a certificate of a business-friendly town, and we are proving its value on a daily basis”, says Sabac mayor, Nebojsa Zelenovic.

He adds that new jobs will be abundant in Sabac because “there are five factories being built in the north-west business zone that will employ 1,900 workers”. The biggest investment is the one made by the Japanese company Yazaki which will employ 1,700. Sabac is also negotiating with another 11 investors that are probably going to create additional 1,800 jobs, the mayor reveals.

(Blic, 28.03.2017)

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