Italian medical team comes to Serbia to help fight the pandemic

A six-member Italian medical team arrived in Belgrade to help combat the coronavirus pandemic in Serbia, the Italian embassy said in a press release.

The team includes anesthesiologists, emergency medicine and infectious diseases experts, and a surgeon, it said and added that the doctors come from different regions in Italy: Piedmont, Lazio and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

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“Our team came to Serbia to provide assistance and training based on the experience gained during the fight against the pandemic in Italy. The exchange of opinions and experiences with doctors and medical staff in Serbia will help to fight the virus”, reads the note from the Embassy.

The press release also underlines that with this initiative, Italy once again wants to highlight the importance of friendship with Serbia, the exceptional level of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and to respond to the generous assistance that Serbia has shown to the Italian people in April this year.

(RTS, 02.08.2020)


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