Italian from Belgrade Daniele Meucci authors and illustrates a graphic novel about Nikola Tesla

Many stories and myths surround the life and work of Nikola Tesla who has also been depicted in many art forms.

Italian author and illustrator Daniele Meucci decided to illustrate Tesla’s true-life story in his own way.

Meucci, the author of the graphic novel “Tesla – a man who shaped the future,” used the watercolour technique in this biographical novel. “I visited all the places where Tesla lived in Europe to experience them as best I could and then transfer them to paper as believably as possible. It took me two years to get to the final version. I am satisfied with the end result,” says Daniele.

Because he loved visiting Belgrade several times a year and the friendliness and calmness of the Serbs, Daniele Meucci decided to stay in Serbia where he has been living for several years.

He has also published a colouring book, “Shades of Belgrade”, with drawings that can be finished and painted, and while being in isolation during the pandemic, he practised the watercolour technique and worked on a book about Tesla.

“I really wanted to show the readers Tesla’s real life, since, in some countries, such as Italy, Tesla is not mentioned in books because of his rivalry with Marconi. The name ‘Tesla’ is overused to create brands in a variety of markets[…] so I found it necessary to publish a book about the true life of Nikola Tesla that was easy to read and not based on urban myths,” he explains.

The graphic novel is based on an interview Tesla gave to Liberty magazine in 1935, which encouraged Meucci to do further research. The novel covers all periods of Tesla’s life and seeks to present a true picture of the historical figure whose life is often portrayed based on myths and fiction.

“People know many myths about Nikola Tesla’s life. There are too many stereotypes and misconceptions about him. At one point, Tesla had a reputation as a mad scientist, while today he would be perceived as an averagely intelligent man. (Mihajlo) Pupin was one of the people who tarnished Tesla’s reputation, and yet people think the two of them were good friends,” Meucci reveals.

Daniel says he learned many facts about Tesla that are not so well known, which is why he thinks this story is important for everyone, regardless of how much they know about Tesla’s life.

He underlines that the novel began as a search for “a man behind the genius, a man who, like everyone else, struggled daily and who left us incredible discoveries and inventions”.

(City Magazine, 20.06.2022)

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