Italian Frisoli to expand the landfill in Vranje

The representatives of the Italian company Frisoli recently visited Vranje and the Meteris landfill,and expressed interest in working on expanding its existing capacity, said the Town Counselor for Ecology, Marina Đorđević.

The Italian company constructs waste disposal sites with the use of an innovative technique. In developed countries, this technique is used to extend the life of existing landfills and to facilitate systems for generation of electricity from renewable sources.

– The technique involves building a wall along landfill basin using waste from the landfill itself. This is a great solution because it allows between 30% and 80% increase in landfill’s capacity – says Đorđević.

The Italian company uses machine-treated waste reinforced with geotextile armour. This design allows the slope of the landfill to be adjusted to 70 degrees. The patent is used for functional safety and remediation of areas in order to establish a basis for creating a sustainable cycle of waste for future generations.

– The Meteris landfil was built in 2002 and its sustainability period is 15 years, i.e. until 2017, but with this technique the lifespan could be significantly extend – says the town counselor.

The  limited capacity of the Meteris landfill has already become an issue for the local government, the landfill is getting full to the brim which prompted the local government to consider its expansion. The implementation of this technology can prevent the landfill from overflowing, and, in return, the town will get more time to complete the Regional recycling center that will manage the landfill waste.

The representatives of the Italian company and its proprietor Ciro Frisoli had preliminary discussions with the Mayor of Vranje, Slobodan Milenkovic, regarding the drafting the project for the landfill reconstruction.

(eKapija, 27.10.2016)

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