Italian Food to invest 10 million EUR in fruit processing facility

One of the most reputable fruit processing companies– Italian Food from Italy, is planning to invest EUR 10 million in the construction of its fruit juice, puree and concentrate production in Priboj.

Once the production facility is open, the fruit growers from this part of Serbia will solve their product placement issues, which so far has largely depended on the conditions and prices set by the few owners of refrigeration units. The Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic announced this investment to the fruit growers from Priboj, Prijepolje and the near-by towns on Friday, 31st August.

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The Blic’s source from the Government of Serbia claims that all the details of the Italian investment in Serbian agricultural sector have been finally sorted out after year-long negotiations. According to the source, the construction of this fruit processing plant should start soon.

“This is an incredibly important investment for the fruit growers from this part of Serbia since we are talking about a company which is doing business in Europe, Asia and America, that includes many top-tier companies such as Nestle. They will buy out raspberries, forest fruit, apples, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, strawberries, pears, and other fruit from our growers and process it. That means the growers would ensure placement for their products and the added benefit is that the company would create 50 new jobs”, says the source.

The Ministry of Agriculture has indirectly confirmed Blic’s findings.

“The factory for the production of fruit puree, juice and concentrate will be built near Priboj and the details surrounding the investment will be revealed soon. We are talking about an extremely credible Italian investor with a network of companies across continents. This is very important for Serbian fruit growers and their product placement as well as the state”, the Ministry said.

(Blic, 01.09.2018)

Photo credits: B. Majstorovic / RAS Srbija



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