Italian Embassy in Belgrade promotes Italy-Serbia Big Science and Business Forum

Yesterday, the Italian Embassy in Belgrade hosted the first in a series of presentations for the promotion of the Big Science Business Forum 2024 (BSBF), with the support of the Italian Foreign Ministry.

BSBF will take place from October 1 to 4, 2024 and will bring representatives of the largest and most important European research organizations to Trieste to discuss the possibilities of cooperation with the industry and establishment of commercial partnerships between local stakeholders and large scientific organizations in the Big Science Organizations market. This is a sector that annually mobilizes resources of around 10 billion euros at the European level and is an important market, especially for companies that strive to promote their international operations. The Big Science market also offers the opportunity to collaborate with large laboratories and research infrastructures to develop new solutions, services and cutting-edge technologies, using advanced skills and capabilities.

The event in Belgrade, which was organized by the Embassy in cooperation with the Central European Initiative (CEI), the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS), was attended by numerous companies from the country, as well as representatives of the Serbian government,  main domestic research and innovation organizations and science and technology parks of Serbia. The speakers included the Regional Councilor for Work, Training, Education, Research, University and Family of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Alessia Rosolen, CEI Secretary General, Roberto Antonione, as well as the director of the BSBF Trieste 2024 host organization, Paolo Acunzo from the ENEA Company.

“Choosing Belgrade as the place where the first presentation of the Big Science Business Forum 2024 will be held shows the importance that Italy attaches to Serbia as a strategic economic partner in the region,” said the Ambassador of Italy to Serbia, H.E. Luca Gori. “Serbia invests a lot in sectors with high technological content: ICT, agrotechnology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. The Big Science Business Forum will create an additional opportunity for the Serbian innovation ecosystem to boost its skills”, added Ambassador Gori.

“This is the first official visit of BSBF to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Being open to this important part of Europe was one of our priorities when we first presented the national bid to host the Big Science Business Forum in Italy. This will enable the business and scientific world of Central and Eastern Europe to take full advantage of the opportunities for economic growth and technological development offered by the European Big Science market. I would like to thank the Embassy of Italy in Belgrade and the CEI – Central European Initiative for their valuable cooperation”, said the Councilor for Work, Training, Education, Research, University and Family of the Friuli-Julian Region, Alessia Rosolen.

“The expansion of the EU to the Western Balkans, which the Central European Initiative wholeheartedly supports, includes strong economic integration in the strategic sectors of Big Science. I am confident that Serbian companies and those working in this sector will be able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Big Science Business Forum 2024 and will actively participate in the creation of the European Big Science market,” said CEI Secretary General Roberto Antonione.

“The awarding the organization of this year’s European BSBF to Italy is a recognition of the leading role that our Italian system plays in the world of Big Science. This role takes on a special meaning thanks to the commitment to involve new organizations from other countries in building this innovative sector of the common European market”, said the director of the host organization BSBF Trieste 2024, Paolo Acunzo from ENEA.

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