Italian company Tecnostrutture to open factory in Zrenjanin

Italian company Tecnostrutture will open a production facility in the Jugoistok-Ecka industrial zone in Zrenjanin on Saturday, 17th September. The investment is worth 3.5 million EUR.

Tecnostrutture operates under the Edil Steel Group, the leading global manufacturer of steel structures. In their production facility in Zrenjanin, the company will manufacture steel structures for bridges, airports, stadiums, large shopping malls and industrial facilities while most of the products will be exported.

The investor has already announced its further investments in Zrenjanin amounting to 6 million EUR.

Tecnostrutture is the third Italian company to operate iz Zrenjanin, in addition to Pompea-Modital and Fulgar which opened their production facilities in 2007 in the Bagljaš Zone and Jugozapad-Elemir Zone respectively.

(eKapija, 07.09.2016)

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