Italian company Promek expands its production in Velika Plana

Promek’s factory in Velika Plana will employ another ten workers in the upcoming period, and they also plan to expand the production facilities, Luca Nanetti, director of Promek, told eKapija.

The Italian company, which deals in precision processing of metal and sheet metal, celebrated ten years of activities in Velika Plana yesterday.

– We are going to have 70 people working in one shift at our two facilities here, and in the upcoming period, our plan is to set up a second and subsequently a third shift – Nanetti explained.

Promek exports the components produced in Velika Plana to its parent company SIPLA from Bologna, which has been in business for over 40 years now. The parts are then used in assembly of the machines for the packing industry.

Promek has been active in Velika Plana since 2007, when they opened their first facility. Two years after that, the company opened its second production facility here. “We import all the raw materials from Italy”, Nanetti explains.

To mark the anniversary of their operations, the company has also opened PromekLAB, a technical lab at the Nikola Tesla Technical School in Velika Plana. They have also signed an agreement with the school stipulated paid work practice in the period of 40 days for the best senior class students. Last summer, the production facilities of the Italian company served as classrooms for the first group of student-interns.

(eKapija, 06.10.2017)


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