Italian company Gruppo Zilio sues Ministry of Health

The Italian company Gruppo Zilio, entrusted with the task of purifying drinking water in Zrenjanin, has announced that it filed a lawsuit against the Serbian Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia which issued a ban on the launch of the Group’s water treatment plant.

“It is incomprehensible that the Government of Serbia does not have interest in solving the problem arising from the diametrically opposed opinions and interpretations of the relevant Law and jurisdiction. Our foreign partners, who invested 3.5 million EUR in this project, have sent a letter of protest to the Serbian Prime Minister, but received no response as yet. After nearly five months of delays, the investor has amassed huge losses because of somebody else’s fault, and these losses keep growing due to complete disinterest shown by the administration in resolving the issue”, the representative of the Italian investor, Nenad Obradovic says.

According to him, the investor invested their own funds, as well as money from the loan granted by Erste Bank in the construction of a water treatment plant, following Zrenjanin’s public utility company Vodovod I Kanalizacija launching a public procurement procedure.

“The procedure was approved by the Public Procurement Directorate and the Serbian Government, which issued the guarantees. Now, both of them are turning a deaf ear to the Ministry of Health’s ban despite the Ministry of Construction, which regulates utility activities, giving its approval”, Obradovic underlines.

“We did send a letter to the Serbian government and the Zrenjanin authorities informing that, after three months of just laying dormant, our equipment, which is affected by temperature differences, is now in danger of being destroyed or suffering permanent damage which cause unexpected consequences and a multi-million damage. The Zrenjanin authorities have proposed a sustainable solution to this problem, and we sincerely hope that the issue will be resolved sometime next week”, Obradovic concluded.

(eKapija, 10.01.2018)


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