Italian company Calzedonia arrives to Kikinda

In spring 2018, the Italian company Calzedonia will start producing clothing and underwear in its new factory in Kikinda, which construction is supposed to start in October.

The Italian company also plans to employ 300 workers for the Kikinda factory who will start their training in November this year.

The local government in Kikinda offered to Calzedonia the best possible conditions on the market which prompted the Italian textile giant to pick this town in North Banat County as its next production location.

The town government sold to Calzedonia 3.3 hectares of land in the new industrial zone for 12 million dinars while the Italian company undertook to build a 4,500-square-metre factory there.

Kikinda’s mayor, Pavle Markov said that none of the investors which are operational in the new industrial zone have used state subsidies, adding that there is still room for another big investor in the new zone.

The Director of this Italian clothing company in Serbia, Adriano Zoni reminded that the company currently had 3,000 workers in Serbia.

The production in the Kikinda facility should start in spring, and Calzedonia will make T-shirts and underwear here, similar to those produced in its facility in Subotica.

(RTV, 05.09.2017)

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