Italian companies in Zrenjanin are increasing production

All six Italian investors operating in the town of Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, have achieved an increase in production and a rise in the number of employees thanks to new investments in the modernization of their facilities.

The GLM RS Company, located in Zrenjanin, which delivers parts for the automotive industry, now has 92 workers. One of the workers, Aleksa Mijatović, says that the staff has undergone additional training to work there. “I was sent to Italy to train how to operate a particular CNC machine, an independent robot that does what is assigned to it for series production,” he adds-

Upon its in Zrenjanin, the Italian investor rented 4,100 square metres of the former Minel’s factory. In the meantime, they have expanded by another 2,900 square metres.

“Last year we invested 2.5 million euros in fully automatic machines and robots. All of them are connected to the Internet with the manufacturers and there is no need for a service technician, as everything can be done directly via screens,” said Rade Berbakov, director of GLM RS.

While there are still opportunities in Zrenjanin for brownfield investments, there is no room for greenfield investments here. “We have received three letters of intent to purchase land in our industrial zones. What we need to do is to properly equip some of the industrial zones here. Two of our industrial zones are fully occupied and we do not have enough space. We are still looking for funding to equip the existing industrial zones”, said the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Simo Salapura.

GLM RS has recently cooperated with some of the renowned foreign companies in Serbia, including the German company Boysen, located in Subotica.

(RTS, 21.07.2022)

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