Italian artist Matilde Romagnoli exhibits at Belgrade’s Balkan cinema

The monumental bronze sculpture, 2.4 meters high, which occupies the central place in the exhibition “Sun Beneath”, by the young Italian artist Matilda Romagnoli, is exhibited at the Belgrade cinema “Balkan”.

The statue is actually her double self-portrait. The exhibition also consists of a series of smaller sculptures, installations and drawings. The artist draws her inspiration from the Italian cinematography of the 1950s, where the film “Stromboli” by Roberto Rossellini from 1950 has a special place for her.

Romagnoli was also significantly influenced by John Huston’s film “Under the Volcano” from 1984. The scene from the movie occupies an entire wall of the exhibition.

(Večernje Novosti, 12.09.2023)

Photo credits: B. Janjić


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