Italian and Polish companies interested in investing in Lucani

Despite the fact that the motorway segment connecting Preljina and Pozega has not yet been built, foreign companies are already interested in opening production facilities in Lucani, the president of the municipality, Milivoje Dolovic, said in his interview for the MNA press agency.

“Parallel with the construction of the motorway, we will start to form and equip an industrial zone in Krstac. It will span around 30 hectares land that will be bought from individual owners to coincide with the dynamics of the construction works on the motorway. When the motorway is completed, we will have all 30 hectares available to potential investors,” he said, adding: “It will be a big thing for the municipality of Lucani. Building a motorway will create better conditions for economic development and tourism.”

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When asked whether there were companies that had already express interest in opening production facilities in the industrial zone, Dolovic said that an Italian delegation interested in launching the production of jumbo packing bags visited them several months ago.

“Several days ago, we were also contacted by a Polish company. We are not even close to finishing the motorway and equipping the industrial zone and there are already potential investors who had approached us,” Dolovic added.

(Blic, 07.01.2020)

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