Italian and Dutch investors in Kula: 500 new jobs

Two Italian and one Dutch company are currently building factories in the industrial zone in Kula. Seveplant is nearly done with the construction of its plant, while Euroin and Calzedonia are going to complete theirs in spring.

All three factories are supposed to employ 500 workers. The Seveplant Company, which produces seedlings and operates under the Dutch company, Verbweek, is currently building a business, production and storage facility.

Italian companies Euroin and Calzedonia are going to finish their production facilities in March and April of this year respectively. The footwear producer, Euroin will employ 150 workers when the factory is finished, while Calzedonia, one of the leading lingerie producers in the world, plans to employ 300 new workers.

“Serbia is ideal for the production of seed material because we, in the Netherlands, don’t have enough space for such production. The Municipality of Kula has high quality land and excellent climate for this type of production. Also, the expertise, work and morale of the people working here are quite high”, the proprietor of the Dutch company, Adri Verbeek said.

Currently, Seveplant produces three million fruit seedlings on 110 hectares of land and has 90 seasonal workers, with 50 of those workers about to get a permanent employment thanks to the 23.7-million-dinar subsidy from the Vojvodinian government.

Euroin already has production plants in Ugrinovci near Belgrade and Feketic in Vojvodina. Calzedonia has bought two hectares of land and is building its third factory in Serbia. The Italian lingerie maker already owns the Fiorano factory in Sombor and the Gordon factory in Subotica. They are planning to employ mainly women in their Kula facility.

(Vecernje Novosti, 15.01.2018)

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