Italian Ambassador: Italy supports the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina

The Italian Ambassador to Serbia, Carlo Lo Cascio expressed his satisfaction with the encouraging outcome of last week’s meeting under the framework of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, assisted by the European Union.

“The renewed commitment from both sides in the talks will ensure a more frequent contacts in the upcoming period with the view of finding a sustainable solution that will lead to normalization of the (Belgrade-Pristina) relations”, Ambassador Lo Cascio said in a written statement.

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He underlined that Italy firmly supported Serbia on its accession path to the European Union and its policy of strengthening regional cooperation.

“That is why we hope that all involved parties will continue to cooperate peacefully and constructively in order to nurture the atmosphere that is conducive to continuation of the dialogue”, the Ambassador added.

The Italian Ambassador went on to say that, at such a delicate moment, he appreciated the effort made by the Serbian leadership to reach a solution for Kosovo, in order to guarantee a better future for Serbia and its citizens.

(Danas, 28.06.2018)

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