IT vacancies halved

Last year, employers in Serbia reduced the number of job vacancies compared to the previous year, with the lack of demand particularly noticeable in the IT sector.

According to data from the Infostud website, 71,715 job ads were published last year, six percent less than in 2022. The biggest change was in the IT sector, where there were even 50 percent fewer open positions.

Analysis of the structure of advertisements shows that the most advertised positions were in retail/sales, IT, mechanical engineering, administration and warehouse workers.

When looking at specific job positions, salespeople, storekeepers, drivers, production workers, administrative workers and salespeople had the highest number of opportunities to get a job.

Analyzing the most sought-after positions, the data show that the salaries offered ranged from the minimum wage to several thousand euros.

A previous large-scale regional survey showed that salary is a decisive factor for candidates when choosing a preferred employer.

In terms of the maximum salaries advertised, sales personnel could earn up to 50,000 dinars and sales managers up to 350,000 dinars.

On the other hand, warehouse workers could earn up to 150,000 dinars, and administrative workers were offered a maximum of 180,000 dinars.

Salaries for truck and other road vehicle drivers went up to 350,000 dinars. The workforce deficit is still most noticeable in tradesmen and lower-skilled workers, with employers having the hardest time finding workers for positions such as butchers, mechanics, hairdressers, bakers, turners, carpenters and plumbers.

(Nova Ekonomija, 16.01.2024)

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