Istinomer: “Vucic saying that he rarely appears on TV was the biggest lie in 2021”

In the traditional annual poll conducted by Istinomer, a fact-checking media outlet, readers chose President Aleksandar Vucic’s statement – “I do not often appear on TV” – as the lie of the year.

The president’s question „Elections took place?“ during a TV interview months after the 2020 elections amid the coronavirus epidemic was a runner-up.

The third place went to Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, who, referring to his plagiarised doctorate, claimed he proved he „did not steal anything“.

„I don’t often appear on television. I only answer journalists’ questions,” Vucic said on January 11, while being a guest on a talk show on pro-regime TV.

The Istinomer team calculated that in 2020, Vucic appeared 37 times on TV, besides the paid ads during the election campaign or several-minute-long statements.

In November this year, Vucic said he hadn’t been “on the state RTS TV’s prime time for eight or nine months. I appeared (there) every day as president, not as the party leader. Well, not every day; that’s an exaggeration,” he said.

Istinomer evaluates public officials’ and politicians’ statements and analyses important social and economic issues. Arguments are evaluated according to truthfulness, consistency and fulfilment of promises.

(Nova, 28.12.2021)

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