Israeli ambassador: “The U.S. pressured us into recognizing Kosovo’s independence”

Israel’s Ambassador to Serbia Yahel Vilan said that his country recognized Kosovo’s independence under pressure from the United States.

The ambassador told the Prva TV that Israel recognized Kosovo as part of the Washington Agreement which included Kosovo opening its embassy in Jerusalem.

“Israel’s decision to recognize Kosovo was made under American pressure and don’t forget that it was done as part of the agreements between Serbia, Kosovo and the U.S. – not with us, with Israel,” he said.

The ambassador also said that the decision came after years of his country refusing to recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

“That is definitely against our interests in Serbia, that is against my interests,” Vilan said, adding that he does not see any reason for Israel to revoke the decision as long as both sides stick to their obligations.

“I don’t want to the Serbian public to be too optimistic without a valid reason. I do not see that at this time. The agreement was signed, Israel recognized Kosovo’s independence and Kosovo will move its embassy to Jerusalem,” he added.

Belgrade and Pristina, however, signed different documents, and Vilan’s claims were incorrect, said the Serbian Foreign Minister, Nikola Selaković, who refuted Ambassador Vilan’s claims that Serbia had signed an agreement with Kosovo in Washington, and underlined that the official representatives of Pristina and Belgrade had signed two different documents.

According to him, Vilan’s statement is “rude”.  

“The document signed by Avdulah Hoti states that Pristina and Israel agree to recognise each other, while the document signed by Vucic states that Serbia agrees to open an economic office in Jerusalem by 20 September 2020 and to relocate its embassy by 1 July 2021,” Selaković said, showing both documents.

He also said that President Vučić signed a document that did not mention Kosovo or Pristina, while Israel caved in to American pressure.

(RTV, 12.05.2021)



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