Is the government getting ready to destroy SBB’s equipment?

The biggest Serbian cable services provider, SBB has confirmed that its mother company, United Group has been receiving information, on an almost daily basis, that the company’s optic and coaxial cables would be cut.

“The United Group has been receiving information on a daily basis that an operation is being prepared to illegally cut optical and coaxial cables owned by the SBB network,” a statement said.  

“Following ill-intentioned calls by Belgrade city official Goran Vesic for people to turn against SBB while telling lies about SBB illegally using cables, we are asking Serbian institutions whether the destruction of foreign property by the state is being prepared for the first time ever in this country?  

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Even though we informed the public that we have all the legal contracts which allow us to operate legally in Serbia for decades, state officials like Vesic, who have promised to even sue us, seem to have decided to annul all laws in the state of Serbia. They have not sued us yet but they did tell lies that we inflict damage on the Serbian citizens at every opportunity we get and are fanning hatred among their followers towards the SBB Company.  

According to the information that we have, a group of false “volunteers” is being prepared to start cutting SBB cables inside buildings with the public and secret encouragement of the authorities.  

We are warning the competent institutions in Serbia that, if force is used against any cable owned by the SBB company and its users prevented from watching TV programs and if the police fail to react despite charges, we will have to start the process of defending our property and the right to operate freely.  

The SBB company regularly pays its electricity bills to the JP EPS-Snabdevanje power company. We have contracts and documents proving that we pay about one million euros a year for electricity to EPS.  

Our equipment in apartment buildings serves only to supply quality signal, that is TV, Internet and telephone services to those buildings. It is important to note that our equipment uses less power than a light bulb.  

The other telecommunications and cable operators, both private or shareholder enterprises, use power in an identical manner and we submit evidence of that as well.  

Although the authorities know very well that SBB, as a cable operator, has the same business practices as all other cable and telecommunications operators in Serbia, they are continuing their persecution of the SBB Company alone with their false accusations thus mistreating SBB and damaging our reputation.  

If the media attacks and persecution of our company is followed by the state bodes actively preparing to destroy the property of one of the biggest investors in Serbia and southeastern Europe, it will be the biggest illegal attack on a company. If that happens, the company will let both the local and global public about it.  

We are appealing to our users to inform us immediately if they see that SBB property is damaged which will leave them without TV and other services,” the United Group said in its statement.

(N1, 22.07.2019)


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