Is Serbia near the end of the epidemic?

Serbia will not succeed in defeating the coronavirus by 21 June, considering that the end of the epidemic is declared when there are no new cases for 28 consecutive days; however, it is clear that the fourth wave is nearing its end.

The numbers show exactly that – the last time there were fewer than 200 infected people a day in the country was on 19 October 2020. After that, the fourth wave of the coronavirus started the next day and has continued ever since.

Yesterday’s 178 registered infected people is the best result since October, which shows that the number of people falling in with the virus is inevitably decreasing and the end of the fourth wave is approaching.

Belgrade has been a hotbed of the coronavirus infection since the beginning of the epidemic, but in recent days, the number of infected people in the capital has been around 50. If we take into account that almost 2 million people live in the capital (unofficially), it is clear that this is a very small percentage.

The situation is much better in other cities: only 13 new cases in Kragujevac, 8 in Užice and 5 in Niš and Čačak respectively.

At the peak of the fourth wave there were more than 100 people on respirators for weeks and up to 65 deaths since the beginning of the year. Although it is clear that the public has not been given correct information about the number of deaths, yesterday’s 10 deaths represent a significant drop, although it is not yet possible to declare victory over the coronavirus as the government would like to do.

(Nova, 30.05.2021)







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