Is Serbia going to be forced to impose sanctions against Moscow sooner or later?

“The European Union is not dropping its call for Serbia to join countries that have imposed sanctions against Moscow. Serbia is again called upon to implement all measures to stop Putin’s massacre,” said EU spokesman Peter Stano.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, on the other hand, rarely mentions sanctions against Russia. “So far, we have not imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation. As far as gas is concerned, there will be no substantial negotiations before the end of the elections, so whoever wins the elections will continue to negotiate with Russia (regarding further gas deliveries). Until then, I really don’t know what will happen,” Vucic repeated.

This is the result of the policy of sitting in two chairs:

– Serbia is completely energy-dependent on Russia and expectations about Russian support in international institutions

– Serbia is economically dependent on the European Union and European donations.

“The European Union and Western countries do not want to have pro-Putin countries in their ranks and this is very clear. In the European Union, Putin had politicians with whom he got along very well and who supported him a lot, and suddenly this is no longer the case – Viktor Orban was often dubbed ‘the Hungarian Putin’, Poland’s Kaczynski was pro-Putin, the same  goes for Marine Le Pen, who received financial help from United Russia, Putin’s party, for her election campaign. None of these is now on the Russian side. Slovenian president Janez Jansa, who was also very close to Putin, is now supporting the struggle of the brave Ukrainian people. So, in this situation, Serbia will not be able to switch between the two sides,” said journalist Safeta Biševac.

“The point is that the EU still has the opportunity to do business with Gazpromneft on its territory, i.e. to import and export from Russia. This does not apply to third countries where the companies and oil refineries are majority Russian-owned. Third countries are not allowed to import and export crude oil. In effect, the EU did not punish Russia and it did not punish itself. Rather, it punished us,” Vučić said.

According to the President, talks with Russia have been held and there are three options that Serbia can resort to if it is forced to make a decision apropos sanctions against Russia in the coming days.

(N1, 16.03.2022)



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