Is central bus station going to be relocated so Belgrade Waterfront can expand?

The Belgrade Waterfront construction site has been very lively these days with over 10 buildings currently under construction.

Almost the entire right side of Savska Street, viewed from Savska Square towards the Gazela Bridge, has been occupied by new buildings.

According to the Central Registry of Unified Procedures, which contains data on various pending and issued permits, on November 20, two applications for site permits were submitted, covering the area of 14 building plots. Both applications were submitted by the Belgrade Waterfront Company, which is listed as the project’s developer.

The applications for the issue of site permits were submitted for the location of the central Belgrade bus station and a land plot that stretches all the way to the old railway bridge (in close proximity to the Belgrade Fair building).

The official website of the Belgrade Waterfront Company does show sketches of buildings that are supposed to be built in these two locations.

 According to the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction, a site permit contains all planning, technical and other conditions and data required for drafting the relevant project and later issuance of a building permit.

To remind, the outgoing Belgrade mayor, Aleksandar Šapić,  said on November 8th, that the central bus station in Belgrade would relocate to Novi Beograd in January next year.

(Forbes, 24.11.2023)


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