Is buying agricultural land really the best investment?

According to the 2017 report compiled by the State Geodetic Authority (SGA), the most popular investments in Serbia last year were real estate and agricultural land, with 24,900 land plots sold.

Trading in arable land was recorded in all seven regions or regions of Vojvodina, with the prices varying from region to region. The most expensive hectare of agricultural land was sold in South Backa County; it went for 18,000 euros, while the cheapest plot was sold for 2,000 euros.

SGA points out that the average value of the land sold in South Backa last year was 10,300 euros per hectare, and that the highest price was reached in the vicinity of Srbobran, where a buyer paid 75,000 euros for a plot spanning 1hectare, 92 acres and 11 square meters. The highest price per hectare of agricultural land was recorded in Veternik, near Novi Sad – amounting to 47,068 euros, the Dnevnik daily writes.

Last year, the cheapest hectare of land was in South Banat County, which comprises of Pancevo, Alibunar, Bela Crkva, Vrcac, Kovacica, Kovin, Opovo and Plandcšte. In this county, the lowest price of one hectare of agricultural land was 1,500 euros, and the highest was 13,000 euros. SGA calculated that the average price of land in this area last year was 5,700 euros per hectare, which is twice lower than in the South Backa region.

In the West Backa region, i.e. in the vicinity of Sombor, Apatin, Kula and Odzaci, the lowest price of a hectare of arable land was 2,000 euros, and the most expensive was 15,500 euros. The average value of land per hectare in these towns, according to SGA, was 7,500 euros. The lowest price a hectare of land, located near Kikinda, Ada, Kanjiza, Novi Knezevac, Senta and Coka, which make up North Banat County, was only 1,500 euros, while the highest was sold for 13,200 euros per hectare. The average value of sold land was 6,400 euros.

Arable land in Zrenjanin, Zitiste, Nova Crnja, Novi Becej and Secanj, located in the Central Banat area, had an average price of 6,200 euros per hectare last year, with the lowest price being only 1,000 euros and the highest 13,000 euros.

In Srem County, which comprises of Sremska Mitrovica, Indjija, Irig, Pecinci, Ruma, Stara Pazova and Sid, the average value of sold land last year was 7,600 euros per hectare, with the minimum price of 2,000 euros, and the maximum of 16,500 euros.

(B92, 08.04.2018)


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