Is a new young opposition block being formed in Serbia?

Although, public talk about the political opposition in Serbia has died down in the last few months, lately, there have been some indications that there is an attempt to create a new coalition made of new faces, mostly young people,

There is a real possibility that an alliance between Nebojsa Zelenovic’s movement Zajedno za Srbiju (Together for Serbia) and the political initiative Ne da(vi)mo Beograd is forming on the Serbian political scene.

“The policies they have at the local level in Belgrade are very similar to the ones we worked on in Šabac, and of course, we reached an agreement pretty quickly and easily”, said Zelenovic, adding that “these are serious people and have a good network in Belgrade. We have the experience and a good network throughout Serbia and the idea is to collaborate “.

There is also Građanski Demokratski Forum (the Civil Democratic Forum), so all together, these organizations could form the opposition that would participate in the 2022 election, provided that the electoral conditions are fair and honest. So far, they have three key points in common – new faces, similar policies towards the West and involvement in the resolution of the Kosovo issue.

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A professor at Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Sciences, Zoran Stojiljkovic, believes such coalitions are not only a Serbian phenomenon, but a planetary one, namely, having many people especially young and educated, who have adequate knowledge of politics, interested in political processes, political identification, but are not affiliated with any political parties.

Professor Stojiljkovic adds that Serbia lacks exactly one leftist option that would deal with specific problems and is directly connected to the citizens at all times; not only when elections are being prepared.

“What both (organizations) have demonstrated so far, especially Ne da(vi)mo Beograd, is a civic initiative based on concrete actions such as protection of environment, prevention of unlawful evictions, and a tendency to deal, at least in part, with local issues and initiatives, and this speaks of a new kind of politics. If that is the case, then I welcome them”, concluded Professor Stojiljkovic.

(Nova, 16.11.2020)

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