IPSOS survey: “92% of citizens support government measures against coronavirus”

The citizens of Serbia have enormous confidence (92%) in the measures implemented to prevent the coronavirus contagion, while 79% believe that the negative effects of the pandemic on the economy will be long-term, according to data from the latest survey conducted by Ipsos Strategic Marketing (Ipsos SM).

99% of the survey respondents adhere to the restrictive measures and 90% of them are sure that other people adhere to them too.

59% of respondents said they will lose their jobs and 63% believe they will face economic problems themselves after the pandemic subsides, according to the FoNet news agency. The survey found that 88% of respondents support the government’s economic measures.

In terms of trusting the media and information sources, the public trust doctors and experts more (74%), followed by health institutions (69%), while two-thirds of respondents (66%) also believe in the data reported by government officials.

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Television gets 57%, on the citizens’ trust scale, while friends are regarded as a valuable source of information by 44% of the population.

The information given by radio programmes is trusted by 23% of the survey participants, 18% trust the Internet, 13% the press and 12% the information published on social media.

When it comes to politicians, 46% of the survey participants trust the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, followed by other politicians who got 1.3%, 1.2 and 0.8% respectively.

The results also show that 58% have a positive opinion on how Vucic is doing his job, which is 12% more than the survey conducted before the pandemic. At the same time, 21% of the respondents think negative of Vucic, which is 17% more than before.

61% of the respondents have positive support for Vucic (measured from 1 to 5, where 1 and 2 are negative, and 4 and 5 are positive), while 21% think negative of him.

The survey involved 1,000 adult citizens and was conducted in three phases: on 14th and 24th March and 5th April.

(Danas, 23.04.2020)



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