IPSOS releases projection of results of upcoming Belgrade election

A survey of voter preferences conducted by Ipsos shows that in the Belgrade elections, the electoral ticket Aleksandar Vučić – Beograd Sutra has the support of 47.7% of voters, followed by electoral tickets Dr Savo Manojlović – I ja sam Beograd – Kreni-Promeni with 16.3% and Biramo Beograd – Dobrica Veselinović – Miloš Pavlović with almost the same estimated result -16.2%.

The voter determination survey was conducted on a sample size of 3,025 respondents, from May 28 to 30, 2024. The sample represents the adult population with the right to vote in Belgrade. Data collection was carried out by combining a telephone survey (landlines and mobile phones), using a random sampling method, while an online survey was conducted on a sample of respondents from the Ipsos online panel.

Telephone surveys make up 75% of the sample and online surveys make up 25%. The results of the survey include citizens with the right to vote with a registered residence in Belgrade.

Invalid ballots were included in the estimate, for which Ipsos, based on the results of previous elections, hypothesized that there would be 2.14%.

Since the survey was completed three days before the election, the data represent just an assessment of the election results.

The expected turnout is 49.6%, that is, it is expected to be in the interval from 47.2% to 52% in relation to the number of registered voters.

The electoral ticket Aleksandar Vučić – Beograd Sutra commissioned the survey.

(Danas, 30.04.2024)


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