Investments in agriculture: Tender for leasing state-owned land

The Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection has published a public call for a 30-year-lease of state-owned land intended for those investors who involved in livestock breeding and processing industry.

The land will be leased in agreement with local authorities, and the conditions for applying for the lease state that a leasee has a plan to invest at least 3,000 EUR per hectare in new assets in solely capital / fixed assets in agricultural production, i.e. that the value of the total investment is at least 500,000 EUR.

Investments in agricultural-manufacturing industry are all investments pertaining to processing agricultural products, as well as investments in producing energy from renewable energy resources, using agricultural products or by-products as the raw material. Investments in enhancing the genetic potential in livestock breeding will also be considered.

During the first year of investment and then in the following two years, the investor has to invest at least 30% of the investment money. In those municipalities that dispose of less than 1,000 hectares of state-owned arable land, the value of the investment could be less than 500,000 EUR.

The potential investors also have to have appropriate references, state the kind and the amount of the investment and the number of new jobs they are going to create, describe their contribution to boosting the competitiveness in agricultural production in the investment area and their impact on export, as well as describe their contribution to the development of the municipality in which they are investing.

The deadline for submission of relevant documents is 15th March, 2017. A committee, set up by the Ministry of Agriculture, will review the submitted applications and investment plans within the 30 days after the deadline for submission expires.

(Vecernje Novosti, 13.02.2017)

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