Investigative web portal KRIK under attack for revelations about Belivuk

The investigative research portal “KRIK” has been reporting on the activities of Veljko Belivuk’s criminal group since 2016. Despite this, in the last two days, KRIKt has been under attack by the pro-government media, and while pro-government tabloids report on their front pages that KRIK had a secret agreement with Belivuk, who provided them with inside information.

Journalists and media associations are asking the Prosecutor’s Office to refute the links between journalists and criminals and the Ministry of Interior to protect KRIK’s journalists and editors, as the campaign against them is very dangerous.

“We are facing a kind of manipulation, distortion and re-writing of history. We had a PINK TV journalist asking Predrag Rajić of the Center for Social Stability to comment on the journalist’s statement that “experts agree that it is not uncommon for criminal groups to have an influence on the media” and then Rajić answering: „You know, those media outlets that pretend to be deeply specialized only in the fight against crime and corruption, are often in the service of crime and corruption.”From their statements, we see that everything that is happening to us is, in a way, an act of revenge, because we published the photos of the President’s son, Danilo Vučić with Belivuk’s associates with whom he had been mixing for years,” Stevan Dojčinović, the editor of KRIK, recalls, adding that the government has obviously never forgiven them.

He says that another reason for this attack lies in the fact that they revealed Veljko Belivuk’s connections with the government’s top brass. That is how they got to the secretary-general of the government and asked the president if he was protected.

“He (Nedić) is one of Vučić’s closest associates who were connected to this group, so he can definitely tell us if Belivuk enjoyed state protection,” the KRIK editor says and adds that they never got a comment on that from the authorities.

“Of course, I don’t feel safe nor do I feel that our staff is safe. However, there is not much we can do in these circumstances, in this country, because it is the state that targets us and puts us in that situation,” said the editor of KRIK.

(N1, 10.03.2021)

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