Interpol rejects Kosovo’s bid for membership

After two rounds of voting, Interpol’s General Assembly has decided that Kosovo will not be admitted to this international police organization as a member – Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) has reported.

51 countries voted against Kosovo’s admission into Interpol, 68 were in favour of it and 16 abstained from voting.

There were two rounds of voting, and in order for Kosovo to join Interpol, at least 2/3 of Interpol members were supposed to vote in favour.

In the first round of voting 76 countries were in favour, 56 against and 22 abstained from voting – the Kosovo journalist, Arber Selmani posted on his Twitter account. This information also later appeared at the Pristina-based news website, Zeri.

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Out of the countries that voted against Kosovo becoming a member are Namibia, Romania, Venezuela and Suriname.

Serbian Interior Minister, Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic earlier spoke to delegates, speaking of the Resolution 1244, international law and Interpol’s procedures, as well as the politicization of this police organization. Delegates from Spain, Morocco, Cyprus, China, Belarus and Russia sided with Stefanovic on this issue.

Pristina applied for membership three times in the past – in 2010, 2015, and 2017. Last year, Interpol adopted a resolution at its session in China according to which countries seeking admission must be members of the UN or have at least the observer status.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that he hoped that Serbia would “win” in Interpol in the case of Kosovo considering that “a few world’s superpowers were in favour of Kosovo joining”.

(N1, 20.11.2018)




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