Interpol denies Serbia’s request not to vote on Kosovo’s potential membership

Interpol has decided that Pristina’s bid for membership will definitely be debated on Tuesday, followed by two rounds of voting.

Sputnik was the first to break this news today, citing diplomatic sources in Dubai, where the Interpol General Assembly is taking place.

According to the reports, the chairman of Interpol rejected the request made by Serbia and five members for the General Assembly to vote on removing the topic of Kosovo’s membership in Interpol from the agenda.  

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Thus, at the beginning of the session on Monday, the chairman refused to include in the agenda the request supported by Serbia, China, Spain, Cyprus, Argentina, and Suriname. 

Because of such a decision by the General Assembly, members had no opportunity to voice their opinion whether Kosovo’s membership will be included in the agenda, since they exclusively voted on the agenda in its entirety, not point by point, as proposed by the Executive Committee. 

Potential Kosovo’s membership was previously voted only at the session of the Executive Committee, with 7 against 6 votes in favour of including it in the agenda.  

It will take a two-thirds majority for Pristina to become a member of Interpol tomorrow, and there will be two opportunities for that to happen. 

Namely, if the first round of voting fails, it will be followed by another one. If the member countries fail to generate the required majority even after the second round of voting, Pristina’s bid will have been rejected.

(B92, 19.11.2018)




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