International technology company Vtool to open an office in Cacak

The international technology company Vtool, which engineers developed Cogita, a tool which helps eliminate microchip bugs ten times faster, is arriving in Cacak. They will open an office in Hajduk Veljkova Street.

While this company operates successfully in the USA, Japan, Israel and France, nearly all its developmental and engineering capacities are located in Belgrade, where around 40 employees develop the tool and carry out microchip verification.

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“Ten years ago, I arrived in Serbia, because I felt that I could help the local economy in the technological domain. We are working successfully with large companies in this field, and our inventions are used in the leading electronic systems”, said Hagai Arbel, the CEO of Vtool.

After Belgrade, Cacak has been chosen as the location for the new branch office, following an agreement with the Technical Faculty in December 2018 that stipulates Vtool providing work practice for the Faculty’s students.

“Technical Faculty in Cacak educates very talented students with good prospects. In February, we picked five students who will intern at our company for three months. This is an ideal opportunity for them to gain practical knowledge, see what the work at a professional company looks like, and we also offer them the possibility of permanent employment after the internship ends. Our experts come to Cacak regularly to train these young people”, Arbel said. 

(RINA, 30.03.2019)

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